PHP stands for partial hospitalization program, and this level of addiction treatment requires 20+ hours per week (adults/kids). Partial hospitalization programs are virtually identical to IOP (intensive outpatient programs) with the main difference being that PHP requires double the hours of treatment. Other than actually going to a 24-hour residential rehab program where patients live full time, PHP offers the most service hours for patients. Partial hospitalization programs, just like intensive outpatient programs, offer a variety of therapies with the backbone of group counseling for psychoeducation and coping with co-occurring disorders in the “real” world.

Examples of Co-Occurring issues:

  • Battling alcohol-use on top of having panic attacks and anxiety
  • Struggling with heroin-use on top of dealing with trauma from childhood
  • Facing meth-use while dealing with codependency problems

The next level up from partial hospitalization programs would be the 24-hours residential treatment which would not allow patients to go back/forth between treatment and outside life. With IOP and PHP patients can work usually, although with PHP there is less time to do so. PHP is better for unstable psychiatric patients whereas IOP is better for the patient who is stable but is struggling in life. Now with residential, there would not be the ability to work while in treatment as residential is a 24-hour living situation.