Outpatient Services

Outpatient is the least intense out of all levels of care in addiction treatment. Outpatient treatment services are less than 9hrs/week (adults) or 6hrs/week (kids). Outpatient treatment will revolve around counseling for addiction and/or seeing a psychiatrist for mental health management. Outpatient treatment is virtually always required when an addict leaves rehab or intensive outpatient program as aftercare. If an addict is still using drugs/alcohol but wants to stop – an outpatient provider is able to work with an active user helping them to stop and enter treatment whereas higher levels of treatment will kick users out.

Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians Assistants

  • Provide medications to stabilize mood, calm post-detox effects, and treat depression/anxiety so that deeper work can be done.

Primary Care Doctors

  • Blood work and labs for chronic disease, Hep. C, diabetes, can refer patients to specialists, and address pain issues.

Psychotherapists and Counselors

  • Cognitive behavioral therapies, 12-step facilitation, motivational therapies, solution-focused therapy, stages of changes work, etc.